Daesy Ruslinawati

Originally from Jambi, Daesy grew up and gained her first degree in Jakarta, before moving to America in 2000.  After 9 successful years in the United States, she returned to Jakarta in 2009 and continued to grow her extensive network of business contacts, both Indonesian and International. Her foresight into the exponential growth of Indonesia gave her the edge over other Business Consultants, allowing her to nurture these contacts and provide support that nobody else could…

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A Handful of Daesy Ruslinawati’s Clients

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Hello Doctor (S. Africa)

Daesy Ruslinawati played an integral part in bringing Hello Doctor to Indonesia, she also became a local partner in this superb service. Originally launched in South Africa, Hello Doctor gives live medical support through an ingenious smartphone app. Opening up improved healthcare to people that may have difficulties attending hospital or clinics, whether they are too busy or living in rural areas across Indonesia.

Hello Doctor Indonesia

Business Consultant & Facilitator

Whether you are looking to open a business in Indonesia or already have one, are an Indonesian business or a foreign company looking to expand into our explosive growth, Daesy Ruslinawati is the perfect choice. Having the right person on your side makes all the difference in Indonesia, with it’s unique business practices and astonishing growth from investing and taking your products or services to a whole new audience.

Between travelling and business commitments, she is also directly involved in a large renewable energy project for the local government in Bali, Indonesia. If this is something that you are interested in, you can contact Daesy by scrolling to the bottom of the page.

Contacting PIB – Daesy Ruslinawati

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